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Step #1: Select Your Location


It is important to identify all of the locations within your home that require a safety gate. You may need more than one as well, so make sure to note each location separately.

Choose one of these options for each gate:

Stairway gates are pressure fit with hardware for extra security at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Doorway gates are usually pressure-mounted to hard surfaces and adjust to the dimensions of the doorway.

Top of Stairs

Doorways or Hallways

Bottom of Stairs

Step #2: Measure Your Space


Use the tips to the right to help you understand how to properly measure your space.

Measure the width of the opening where the gate will be placed, then round down to the nearest half inch.

If your walls have molding at the base, make sure to measure between the base boards to ensure the gate will fit in between the narrowest part of the opening.

Step #3: Select Your Gate Type

Gate Type

Most parents find that due to stairs and size of doorways, most homes need several types of gates to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Munchkin Offers Three Types of Gates:

Pressure Fit Gates

No drilling required, but hardware included for top and bottom stairs. Attractive wood and metal designs with great features like low floor bars, auto closing doors and double locking handles with easy one-handed operation.

Hardware Mounted Gates

Permanent hardware mounted for added security and strength.

Quick Install Gates

Installs in seconds - great if you want to move from room to room or just put the gate away when not in use.

Installation Videos